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The first journal in Chinese materia medica was distributed in October, 2009. 2010-03-09 1109
Online Submission of Chinese Herbal Medicines 2010-03-09 1121
Latest progress on Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs 2010-03-09 1414
Latest Progress on Chinese Herbal Medicines 2010-05-26 1246
Meeting Information:Industry Development and Health of Chinese Materia Medica 2010-05-26 969
2010 Chinese Pharmaceutical Meeting 2010-08-30 1370
Editors-in-chief of Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines Finished Training Courses by China Association for Science and Technology 2010-08-30 1400
The 3rd International Conference and Exposition on the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2011-02-23 1427
Congratulations on Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs Winning the 2nd Publication Award from the Government of China 2011-04-21 1456
CHEN Chang-qing in Special Training Class for Selected Presidents and Chief Editors of National Key Academic Journals 2011-09-13 1283
Editorial Board of Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines and International Symposium on Drug Development 2011-11-18 1108
Latest Progress on Tianjin Press of Chinese Herbal Medicines 2012-11-28 1111
Latest progress on Chinese Herbal Medicines 2012-12-12 918
Work Conference of Chinese Herbal Medicines was Held in Beijing 2013-05-17 871
Meeting of TIPR Press 2013-08-30 0
The 2nd Editorial Board of Chinese Herbal Medicines (CHM) met toghther in Shenyang 2013-10-21 807
Congratulations on Chinese Herbal Medicines as One of Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations 2013-11-14 983
The 2nd meeting of the 2nd Editorial Committee of Chinese Herbal Medicines held in Tianjin 2014-02-10 933
TIPR Press success in Tianjin 11th Selection of Excellent Journals 2014-02-24 876
The 3rd Plenary Session of the 2nd Editorial Committee 2014-08-15 927
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