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CHM-2 Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China (2010 Edition): A Milestone in Development of China’s Healthcare QIAN Zhong-zhi,DAN Yang,LIU Yan-ze and PENG Yong 2010,2(2):157-159 18601
CHM20100730001 Analysis on Volatile Constituents in Leaves and Fruits of Ficus carica by GC-MS LI Jun,TIAN Yu-zeng,SUN Bao-ya,YANG Dan,CHEN Ji-ping and MEN Qi-ming 2012,4(1):63-69 9004
CHM20111014001 HPLC Fingerprint and LC-TOF-MS Analysis on Extract from Roots of Gentiana macrophylla SU Qi,SHANG Ping-ping,ZHANG Yong-min,JIA Na,HE Jiao,ZHAO Wen-na and SUN Wen-ji 2012,4(3):245-251 8986
zcy005 New Collection of Crude Drugs in Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 I. Callicarpa Linn. and Related Items DAN Yang,QIAN Zhong-zhi,LIU Yan-ze,ZHOU Guo-ping,PENG Yong and XIAO Pei-gen 2010,2(4):272-288 8724
CHM201301 Review of Rhubarbs: Chemistry and Pharmacology ZHENG Qing-xia,WU Hai-feng,GUO Jian,NAN Hai-jiang,CHEN Shi-lin,YANG Jun-shan and XU Xu-dong 2013,5(1):9-32 7208
CHM20150097 Network Pharmacology Bridges Traditional Application and Modern Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chang-xiao Liu,Rui Liu,Hui-rong Fan,Xue-feng Xiao,Xiao-peng Chen,Hai-yu Xu and Yan-ping Lin 2015,7():- 6534
CHM1076E Authentication of Medicinal Plants by DNA Based Markers and Genomics HAO Da-cheng,CHEN Shi-lin,XIAO Pei-gen and PENG Yong 2010,2(4):250-261 6077
CHM1046C Bioactivities and Pharmaceutical Effects of 1-Aminocyclopro- panecarboxylic Acid ZHU Qin-wei,KRAEMER Alexander and ZHU Xu-xiang 2010,2(2):81-105 5987
CHM20100513001 Chemical and Pharmacological Researches on Hyoscyamus niger LI Jun,SHI Ji,YU Xin-wen,SUN Jing-kuan,MEN Qi-ming and KANG Ting-guo 2011,3(2):117-126 5566
CHM1072F Isolation and Purification of Isoaloeresin D and Aloin from Aloe vera by High-speed Counter-current Chromatography WAN Jin-zhi,CHEN Xin-xia,QIU Chun-mei and LIN Xiang-cheng 2010,2(2):148-152 5359
CHM20101118001 Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Ginger Oil JIA Yong-liang,ZHAO Jun-ming,ZHANG Lin-hui,SUN Bao-shan,BAO Meng-jing,LI Fen-fen,SHEN Jian,SHEN Hui-jun,ZHAO Yu-qing and XIE Qiang-min 2011,3(2):150-155 5251
CHM20100628001 Reflecting the Steps of Modernization of Chinese Materia Medica from the Papers in Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs in 2009 LIU Yan-ze,DAN Yang,PENG Yong and XIAO Pei-gen 2010,2(3):180-188 5211
20100607001 Antibacterial Mechanisms of Berberine and Reasons for Little Resistance of Bacteria JIN Jian-ling,HUA Guo-qiang,MENG Zhen and GAO Pei-ji 2011,3(1):27-35 4834
CHM20150102 Concentration Prediction of Total Flavonoids in Aurantii Fructus Extraction Process: Locally Weighted Regression versus Kinetic Model Equation Based on Ficks Law Yang Chen,Jun-hui Shen,Jian Ni,Meng-jie Xu,Hao-ran Dou,Jing Fu and Xiao-xu Dong 2015,7():- 4800
CHM201102 Advances in Studies on Chemistry, Pharmacological Effect, and Pharmacokinetics of Eurycoma longifolia HOU Wen-bin,XIAO Xue-feng,GUO Wei and ZHANG Tie-jun 2011,3(3):186-195 4690
CHM1020E Challenges in Research and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicines LIU Chang-xiao,XIAO Pei-gen,PENG Yong and SONG Nai-ning 2009,1(1):1-28 4664
CHM20150099 In silico Molecular Docking Study of Repensine and Bentysrepinine against HBV DNA Polymerase Fan-cui Meng,Wei-ren Xu,Ya-zhuo Li,Zheng-ming Huang,Guang-yi Liang and Chang-xiao Liu 2015,7():- 4482
CHM1074E Application of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology in Medicinal Plant Studies DENG You-ping,AI Jun-mei and XIAO Pei-gen 2010,2(3):170-179 4425
CHM20150098 Network Pharmacology for Traditional Chinese Medicine Research: Methodologies and Applications Yu-feng Liu,Ni Ai,Anthony Keys,Xiao-hui Fan and Min-jun Chen 2015,7():- 4237
CHM1091C A Specific and Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of Four Major Active Catechins of Tea Polyphenols in Rat Plasma and Its Application to Pharmacokinetic Study WANG Chang-yuan,LI Qiu-sha,HAN Guo-zhu,ZOU Ling-li,LV Li,ZHOU Qin and LI Nan 2010,2(4):289-296 4098
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