Introduction of Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs


    Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs, a monthly journal with “zhongcaoyao” as Chinese name, the initial issue was distributed in January, 1970 and its ISSN is 0253-2670.
    The journal is an academic and technical journal sponsored by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (TIPR). The journal, which has a long history of 41 years, offers the columns of research papers, brief reports, reviews, dissertation, and special treatises to report the recent achievements of our basic study, production, quality control, and clinic application on traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese materia medica.
    The editorial committee consists of over one hundred of specialists with a great academic attainment in pharmaceutical research, education, production, quality control, and clinic application. Among them, one is from Hong Kong and one from abroad. There are six academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and about 2/3 Doctor tutors. Prof. TANG Li-da, the President of TIPR, is the director committee member and the editor-in-chief of the journal.
    The characters of the journal are new (selecting the subject newly and publishing the research achievement with blazing new trials), rapid (editing and publishing in a high speed), and high (the article with the advanced academic level and improved editorial quality). It carries a variety of scientific papers with a great quantity of pharmaceutical information and modern academic level. The articles on the project supported by State Natural Science Foundation, on State Key Task of Science and Technology, and on the items and achievements subsidized by other science foundations on ministries and commissions level are over 50%. At the same time, the articles in the journal have been collected and quoted in the famous publications both domestic and international, such as Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Chinese Pharmaceutical Abstracts (CPA), Chemical Abstracts (CA), AJ VINITI in Russian, International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA), IM/MEDLINE in USA, EMBASE in Holland, and IC in Poland, etc. It has been selected in 1000 periodicals for the highest frequency of CA recent years; It enjoyed the head place of periodicals in Chinese materia medica among the core periodicals on Chinese natural science. It was included for five times continuously in Dominant Catalogue of Chinese Core Journals in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008 year. The statistic data for successive eight years in CSCD indicate that the journal has been arranged in the 15th or above in the arrangement table of Chinese S & T Journal Citation Frequency, and the first in the journals of Chinese materia medica. It was awarded with the first prize for the First Appraisement of Outstanding S & T Journals organized by the Propaganda Ministry of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, State Scientific Committee, Government Press Office in 1992 and the second prize for the second in 1996. It entered the ranks of Chinese Journal Position of Double Awards in 2001. It was awarded with the prize in the Second State Journal Award at the very beginning of 2003 and enjoyed one of the ten best journals around eight provinces and cities in North China in 2004. It was awarded with the nomination prize in the Third State Journal Award in 2005. It has the honor of 100 Excellent Academic Periodicals of China for four times since 2005 to 2008.
     It has been recognized as the source periodical of CSCD and Comprehensive Evaluation Data of China Academic Periodicals by the Research Center of Estimation and Evaluation on Chinese Science References the Commission of Chinese Academic Periodicals (Disc Issue). And all the papers of the journal are collected in the www.CNKI.com and Chinese Academic Periodicals.


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